Hello, ferociously loving parents, caregivers, educators, and therapists! I’d like to warmly welcome you to Lisa Untucked.

Before you learn anything else about what we’re all about, you need to know whether or not I’m a person you can trust for deep and meaningful discussions around child development, relationships, communication, and self-expression.

I have a Master’s in Counseling from Monmouth University, NJ. I’ve spent the last two decades working with children and families in a variety of therapeutic capacities.

I believe that we can teach our youth so much more than the basic life skills we have been teaching them, while at the same time, being mindful of the lessons we have learned born of own upbringings and traumas. There is a place to teach our children wisdom; wisdom that we have learned that serves our highest good.

Come along as we use humor, rhyme, story-telling, and vulnerability to heal our inner child and raise those in front of us.

Welcome home,

Lisa Sterne, MA, MA



When we think about the term “love”, we may tend to do it through our own filter of what we think love is or how it has shown up in our lives. In this book, you have the unique opportunity to follow the journey of over 50 vastly different authors’ stories of how they write about their idea of love. What makes this book so incredibly unique is that we gave no parameters when asking our authors to write their stories of love. In the end, the stories are as priceless and unique as the authors themselves. 

Ordinary moments occur all the time, and we often overlook them because they don’t stand out. But everyday experiences offer significant gifts. As we notice them, they increase. It’s wondrous to realize that we don’t need to work hard to receive a sign. Miracles abound as we slow down, and what follows is peace. This book helps you recognize those tiny magical wonders so that you readily witness more possibilities in your life.