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Onyx is a cat who is learning who he is and who he wants to become. This means that sometimes he finds himself in unfamiliar situations. Follow along as Onyx finds his voice, uses it to ask for help, and begins using it to trust himself.

When we think about the term “love”, we may tend to do it through our own filter of what we think love is or how it has shown up in our lives. In this book, you have the unique opportunity to follow the journey of over 50 vastly different authors’ stories of how they write about their idea of love. What makes this book so incredibly unique is that we gave no parameters when asking our authors to write their stories of love. In the end, the stories are as priceless and unique as the authors themselves.

Ordinary moments occur all the time, and we often overlook them because they don’t stand out. But everyday experiences offer significant gifts. As we notice them, they increase. It’s wondrous to realize that we don’t need to work hard to receive a sign. Miracles abound as we slow down, and what follows is peace. This book helps you recognize those tiny magical wonders so that you readily witness more possibilities in your life.

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This short bicycle story was written by eight year old me; for a writing assignment asking me to pull my spelling words together. I loved that assignment. It was the one that I looked forward to every week, after the mindless six times each and copying sentences and the spelling test. This was the work …

My soul is like, maybe the equivalent of a 10 year old. She hates the heaviness of the world and my life. She would hundred percent rather be running through the mud in the backyard with my daughter. But when I wake up in the middle of the night, and I remember I have created …

Have you noticed that, regardless of our genetics or our upbringing, there remain fundamental distinctions between human experiences and understandings? For example, two siblings, raised in the same home can certainly turn out differently because of the subtle notes of difference in the way their parents’ personalities may mesh with theirs. An adventurous parent might …